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Treddin' On Thin Ice

The glacier in Tignes re-opened this weekend, much to the delight of myself, several mini-bus-loads of Italian ski racers and the clients of the Melezes. If anyone had a chance to read my posts on the Snowheads website earlier this summer, or even better had a chance to ski the glacier, you’d know that the only people on the glacier in the off-season seem to be ski racers or Melezes clients, which puzzles me somewhat as it’s actually pretty good up there.

My last ski on the Grande Motte was the 16th of August. I was lapping the 3500 T-bar with Steward Woodward, and despite the streams running off the bottom of the glacier as you approach the lift, not to mention the odd crack here and there, it was a belter.

Saturday 26th of September, barely any new snow to speak of, a further reduced ski area, slightly overcast, it was even better than my August visits.  The turn from summer to autumn has really helped the snow conditions- not glacial ice I should mention- it really is snow and it’s perfect carving conditions if you can handle it!

Quick sum up…

Pros: Hardly any queuing, the pistes ‘up top’ are in great condition.

Cons: Firm snow may intimidate the less confident skier, Rossolin is closed until there’s a decent snowfall.

Before signing off, I must mention the Melezes again. I cannot understand how they do it! Serious bargain if you can get away for a long weekend. They’re running a ski test right now so you can check out next years kit. Don’t worry about the fat skis until there’s a bit more snow on the glacier though.

Welcome to my Tignes blog!

Hi, my name is Rorie Scott. I’m a BASI qualified ski instructor with full French equivalence, working with the ESF of Tignes Val Claret. I registered the domain “” this summer with a view to promote my business as an English speaking ski instructor working in Tignes and Val d’Isere as well as that of my fiancée, Ania, who works as a professional nanny with Valtina Childcare.

As the website develops, it’s my intention that blog page remains untainted by blatent self-promotion and provides information and commentary on life and experiences in the resorts of Tignes and Val d’Isere, or any others I get a chance to visit. I’ll try to keep a strong bias towards skiing experiences and snow reports though I reserve the right to wander towards philosophical ramblings on the state of the industry or the price of food in the Spar.

I’ll be welcoming any comments, as skiing is a small world so we better stick together!