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Russian Word Of The Day

I’m in Courchevel 1850 this week, ski teaching in pigeon-Russian for this Eastern-Orthodox Christmas Week and to celebrate I thought I’d treat you to this Russian ‘Word Of The Day’ generator (below). I encountered the Polish version of this while browsing a source of great ‘Learn-Polish’ podcasts and other learning materials. I’d love to give the Russian podcasts a go too, but I’m pretty busy at the mo and will have to make do with what I know.

By the way, if you are interested in learning Polish, I have really enjoyed Pimsleur Basic Polish and it’s worth a look too. The Pimsleur method really focuses on the pronunciation by repetition which can seem a bit pedantic at times but it all sinks in. My Mum also tried the CDs and picked up a smattering of Polish very quickly.

If you are a ski teacher struggling with any Russian children this week, I have found Wait – ждать (zhdatʹ)* and Slowly – медленно – (medlenno)* very useful.


* Google Translate’s phonetics

Get the rockhoppers out!

Get the old skis out and build a kicker? Well, that’s not really my thing, and if it was it’d still be a bit ambitious! As you can see from the photo, it’s been snowing and things are looking a bit more like winter in Tignes. Unfortunately I haven’t had a chance to ski yet. The glacier has been closed for the last few days due to high winds, but with more snow forecast for tomorrow, it looks like the Grand Motte is getting a much needed top-up.

Snow is coming

I say that with complete confidence. Despite the fact it’s scorching here on my Pralognan La Vanoise building site and the glaciers have a grey tint to them.

Last Monday it snowed heavily at altitudes of 1600m and above. Nothing settled that low, and when you’re pouring concrete in the autumn you’d rather have it that way. As it happens, however, my winter season is starting to creep up on me faster than most.

From this Saturday (1st October 2011) I’m opening a new ski school. With my friend Gavin from TDC in Tignes, we are providing ski coaching exclusively for the Melezes hotel in Les Boisses from October 1st to the 18th December.

Mountain Sun Ltd, the owners of the Melezes, run a ski and snowboard test camp in the hotel with this years latest ski kit. It’s the best priced 3 day break
I’ve heard of, with prices from £99.

If like me, you like your season to start early, then use the contact form and I’ll tell you all you need you need to know about skiing in Tignes in the Autumn. Until the next time…