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The Battle Continues

As tweeted:

With my warm-up and cool down walks, I fell short of completing the task in one hour, but I am delighted that my cardio-vascular system seems to take all this in it’s stride. My legs, on the other hand, are about to give up the ghost. My quads and calves especially, feel like lead.

I’ve been doing my cool down sessions while watching youtube and have found some great material, for example, I just did this one:

I’ll manage to get a couple more stretch sessions in today, but I’m sure I’ll still struggle to walk downstairs tomorrow.

Super Summer Skiing!

The Tignes glacier re-opened Saturday the 18th of June and the conditions right now are fantastic. I put together this video of Ania and I skiing yesterday:

As you can see, there’s loads of snow at the moment and I’m trying my best to make the most of it. As July approaches the temperature up there (usually) gets pretty toasty, so if you can get up there, now’s the time to do it.

Bon ski!

Look where I am…

Here’s a widget from Google so you can check where my phone is at all times!

Though a huge intrusion on my privacy, if I’m lost up a mountain it could come in handy.