La Fin Des Haricots

I managed to squeeze in one more blog before the end of the season, but not before the end of my season! I packed up last Tuesday have been back in South of England for the first time in 11 months, with the key objective of giving my notice of marriage so I can get married in Poland in June. In fact, as I sit and type right now, I’m back from a trip into Andrychow with Ania (my fiancée) to choose our rings.

The season 2009/10 was my longest ever. I was skiing on a daily basis from Mid October 2009 until my last day at work, Saturday 24th April 2010. There was plenty of snow, not as much sun as usual, and plenty of customers undeterred by the credit crunch.

I’d like to thank everyone who I had the pleasure of teaching this year, and a big apology to those who I was too busy to teach. I was surprised how many people managed to find the Abraskidabra contact form despite my minimal advertising, so for anyone looking for ski lessons in the holiday weeks of 2011 (New Year, February and Easter), get in touch early so I can make sure that I am available.

I plan to continue my international jet setting over the next few weeks, and to return to France in early June to start my Summer work (chairlift construction). I hope I can continue to blog throughout the summer, from the Tignes glacier, from some hillwalking trails and possibly some mountain biking stories if I can bring a bike out.

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Here’s the last I saw of Tignes, about 10 days ago, with still plenty of snow!

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