Russian Word Of The Day

I’m in Courchevel 1850 this week, ski teaching in pigeon-Russian for this Eastern-Orthodox Christmas Week and to celebrate I thought I’d treat you to this Russian ‘Word Of The Day’ generator (below). I encountered the Polish version of this while browsing a source of great ‘Learn-Polish’ podcasts and other learning materials. I’d love to give the Russian podcasts a go too, but I’m pretty busy at the mo and will have to make do with what I know.

By the way, if you are interested in learning Polish, I have really enjoyed Pimsleur Basic Polish and it’s worth a look too. The Pimsleur method really focuses on the pronunciation by repetition which can seem a bit pedantic at times but it all sinks in. My Mum also tried the CDs and picked up a smattering of Polish very quickly.

If you are a ski teacher struggling with any Russian children this week, I have found Wait – ждать (zhdatʹ)* and Slowly – медленно – (medlenno)* very useful.


* Google Translate’s phonetics

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