Google docs in WordPress blog

This was a little test to see if I could export a menu that is regularly changed to a wordpress website, so that the daily menu changes would be effortlessly reflected in a dynamic web page.

In Google docs you are given the option to publish your document as an html page, which I’m sure could be set in a frame, or you are presented with an line of html, featuring the the <iframe> tag, which I have pasted into the text editor of this wordpress post. It has the ugly scaling effect of fitting what should be an A4 document into a narrow centre column.

A genuine export of the text content to match the formatting of the host blog would be a more design friendly solution, though this provides a quick and easy fix.

The iframe below is produced by the below code

<iframe src=”” seamless width=”700″ height=”1100″ scrolling=”no” ></iframe>

I had to add seamless width=”700″ height=”1100″ scrolling=”no” to the code suggested by google otherwise it doesn’t fit very nicely.

If you can’t see the menu below, try refresh.

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