These Ain’t MyTracks

View 10 Mile Attempt in a larger map

I’ve blogged about Google’s MyTracks GPS App before, and not encountered this ‘bug’ before. If you have a good look at the map above, you can see that my phone lost GPS a few times and unfortunately the missing sections don’t get counted as distances I have run. This is totally heartbreaking when you are out for a personal challenge such as today’s 10 mile attempt, to have your GPS tracker tell you you have only done 7.6 miles!

Actually, I did 9.6 miles in 1 hour 41 minutes which means I was jogging away at tranquil 5.7 mph. At this pace I could finish the Stroud Half Marathon in 2 hours 18 minutes, which is a respectable beginner time. I’m not in a hurry to repeat the 10 mile training run, since my legs really hurt now, especially my right knee, so I’ll be focussing on shorter and more intense training sessions like the Fartlek session I did yesterday.

To conclude, so far so good. I’m not as far off that pace as I thought but I’m sure I wont be able to walk tomorrow!


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