Tignes Lanches Into Winter

Great news for Autumn season skiers in Tignes: The Lanches chairlift opened yesterday and it’s now possible to ski down from the glacier back to Val Claret thanks to a week of much needed snowfall.

Browsing through my recent blog posts, the snow report was all too familiar- Firm and icy conditions, fine for the racers but a bit too much for the tourists. Well, hopefully those days are long gone, or at least until next summer season.

A week ago Ania and I enjoyed a lovely Sunday walk from Les Boisses, up into the Vallon de la Sache, traversed across to the Marais, followed a track down to the Glattier, before walking back to Les Boisses through the forest section of the mountain bike trail “Wunderboisses.” If we wanted to do the same today, we’d need snow-shoes.

Here’s the view from my window taken this morning.

From TignesAutumn

At higher altitude, the weather interrupted regular activities on the glacier and the funicular was closed for three days this week due to high winds and heavy snowfall. Proving that good things come to those who wait, by Friday the weather had cleared and the snow was sensational. Check out my Youtube playlist of Friday’s training so see just how good it was.

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